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GDPR and Privacy Awareness Training

Good privacy practices allow organizations to build trust.  Trust enables organizations to have better relationships with their customers, prospects and business partners.  After all, people are more likely to buy from companies they trust.  But how does an organization build a good privacy program?  What is privacy and what’s personal identifiable information (PII)?   What are the protection requirements if you do business overseas and/or in protected geographies?  If these are questions your organization has considered then we’re here to help.  

AppSec Consulting provides privacy training that educates stakeholders about what is considered private information, privacy best practices, and global privacy requirements.  This training is intended to serve all audiences, especially organizations who perform global data transfers and have data privacy requirements (both domestic and global).

Organizations who handle data of individuals in the European Union (“EU”) are probably required to comply with EU/U.S. Privacy Shield directives, and (soon) the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).   This training program will provide organizational stakeholders a baseline understanding of privacy best practices necessary to meet rapidly approaching global data protection requirements.  

Course Description:

This online course is broken into three training modules that educate end-users about general and global privacy requirements. The first module provides users a better understand what privacy is and how to avoid accidental privacy exposures.  The second module focuses on global privacy laws and introduces the EU’s General Data Privacy Requirements (GDPR).  It also provides information about global transfer of privacy information and handling requirements.  The module concludes with information about the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework (current requirement) and how to go about upholding existing requirements.  The third and final module focuses on handling privacy information.  This includes important concepts like privacy by design, privacy principles, privacy and security, privacy responsibilities and breach notification requirements.

The course was designed to serve as a foundational component of your organization’s privacy training program and help your employees understand how good data privacy practices relate to their individual actions and behaviors, and what organizations must do to comply with global privacy requirements like GDPR. An integrated assessment tracks learner comprehension and understanding of key data privacy concepts and requirements.


  • What is Privacy
    • Avoiding Privacy incidents
    • Defining Privacy
    • Privacy Matters
    • Personal Information
  • GDPR and Global Privacy Regulations
    • Global Privacy Laws
    • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Global Transfers
    • EU-US Privacy Shield Framework
    • Upholding the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework
  • Handling Private Information
    • Privacy by Design
    • Privacy Principles
    • Privacy and Security
    • Privacy Responsibilities
    • Breach Notification
  • Knowledge Check / Assessment (Optional)

Online Course

This course is available online as a self-paced learning course. 

Please contact us to set up a free demo of our Privacy Awareness course.