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Training and Awareness

A growing number of industry reports and surveys confirm that humans are the weakest link when it comes to securing the enterprise.  Often, it’s a lack of awareness that leads to insecure networks, systems and applications.  It’s also a lack of awareness that can lead to a security breach.  AppSec Consulting offers a variety of security courses to educate stakeholders on important topics that help keep the enterprise and its IT assets secure.

Our training offerings are intended to target general IT stakeholders, and application developers.  General IT stakeholders will learn about industry best practices and acceptable use recommendations that serve to protect IT assets and information. Application stakeholders will learn proven methodologies and techniques they can apply to systems and applications to detect and remediate weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and exploits that would otherwise threaten the security of these environments.

All developer training is available for onsite delivery.  General IT Security Awareness is available online via our hosted Learning Management System (LMS).  Our Secure Web Application Development course can be delivered onsite or online.  Our online LMS allows customers to administer and track progress of all users enrolled in training.  Online training can also be customized to meet specific organizational requirements/standards.  Contact AppSec Consulting today to learn more about our training offering and our trainers. 

Instructor-Led Course
1 Day
Privacy Principles 1 Day
2 Days
2 Days
½ day

Intended for all users handling payment card data and PCI system developers and administrators.

½ day

 Intended for all users handling private data.

Custom Training

AppSec Consulting can develop client-specific content for all available courses. Examples include incorporating corporate security policies and standards into content and inclusion of client applications for lab exercises.  AppSec Consulting also provides custom training for many commercial and open-source security tools.