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Strategic Consulting

Security Program Development

With security breaches on the rise it is critical for organizations of all sizes to have a comprehensive IT Risk Management and Information Security Program.  Customers and clients are demanding evidence that their sensitive information is protected in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.  Suppliers and Service Providers are finding themselves facing more scrutiny from their customers when it comes to the protection of sensitive/critical IT and information assets in their custody.  Organizations without a clear information security roadmap are increasingly at risk of losing market share and consumer confidence, and may find themselves facing the legal and regulatory consequences resulting from the lack of a well-defined security program. AppSec Consulting specializes in helping you define and implement an effective security program, and can provide short- and long-term remediation support and project management.

AppSec Consulting’s expert staff has the experience and qualifications to assist organizations of all sizes with the development of a security program. We also  perform  “health-checks” of existing  programs in order to identify deficiencies in a company’s technical, organizational, or administrative controls. We then provide actionable recommendations that benefit the organization with minimal disruption.  We identify critical success factors and tailor a program based on specific needs versus attempting to apply a one-size fits all approach.  This approach allows you to build a program appropriate to your environment, in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Our Approach

Our Risk Assessment and Program development methodology provides a framework that can help your organization:

  • Develop a strategy that engages both executive management and subordinate stakeholders
  • Develop/tune an IT Risk Assessment methodology based on your organization’s goals and objectives
  • Define and perform internal IT Risk Assessments
  • Develop of an IT Risk Treatment Plan
  • Develop an Information Security Management Framework
  • Develop of security policies, procedures, guidelines and standards
  • Define strategies for continuous improvement and definition of success metrics

The AppSec Consulting Difference

  • Develop or improve your existing InfoSec program using proven tools and methodologies
  • Work with security professionals with a wealth of experience in all facets of risk and compliance management and program governance
  • Get maximum value from your security and compliance investments by focusing your efforts on business priorities
  • Increase market share to third parties by being able to objectively demonstrate your security/compliance posture 

Our Approach

  1. Define organizational goals and objectives
    • Identify external and internal requirements
    • Evaluate current state and efficacy/existence of implemented controls
    • Define program goals and objectives
    • Provide gap report and actionable remediation recommendations for incomplete or missing controls
    • Develop a custom security framework aligned to business and security requirements
  2. Develop a Management Framework
    • Define Management and Stakeholder responsibilities
    • Develop or refine the Risk Assessment Methodology
    • Draft/Enhance Policies, procedures and supporting documentation
    • Develop supporting documentation where required
  3. Develop Operational Processes and Technical Controls/Framework
    • Develop or refine Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)
    • Develop or refine Technical Controls and Requirements
    • Define Testing Procedures and metrics
  4. Provide Implementation Support
    • Provide Program/Project Management Support
    • Provide Technical Assistance
    • Ensure Implementation is consistent with defined framework and controls

What You Get

  • Expert consultation you can count on throughout the entire process
  • A security program best suited to your organization’s requirements and objectives
  • Confidence you can meet external and internal requirements
  • A competitive advantage your clients will respect and appreciate Visibility into your organization’s security posture, including strengths and opportunities
  • An objective assessment of your security program which will allow you to focus human and capital resources efficiently