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Application Security Assessment

Application Security Program Development

According to the Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report, approximately 35% of security breaches in 2013 were due to web application attacks. However, application security often receives less attention from IT security departments than other aspects of information security. We’ve seen many companies purchase a web application firewall or a vulnerability scanner in an effort to improve their application security posture, but most tools are only effective within the context of a comprehensive application security strategy.

A strong application security program involves building security into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), creating secure software development guidelines and standards, training software developers and QA analysts, establishing meaningful metrics for management, and determining which tasks to perform in-house and where to bring in outside expertise. AppSec Consulting has a proven track record of helping companies develop and implement effective application security programs.

The AppSec Consulting Difference

  • We’ve been there. Our security consultants have implemented successful application security programs in a variety of verticals, including large financial, e-commerce, and healthcare companies.
  • We’re a service-oriented company, not a product pusher. We’ll develop a program focused on reducing your application security risk and won’t try to sell you “magic pill” product solutions. Tools are just one piece of an effective application security program.
  • We provide mentoring and training. AppSec Consulting offers world-class training courses for developers, QA analysts, and IT managers. This training is especially effective when applied to your own applications and security products in a hands-on, interactive setting.

Our Approach

  1. Current State Analysis – AppSec Consulting’s application security specialists will meet with key members of your information security team and application stakeholders to gain an understanding of your business and application security needs in order to evaluate your application security program’s current state of maturity.
  2. Planning – AppSec Consulting will work closely with your team to develop a customized plan to strengthen your application security posture. This plan will vary based on your specific needs, but will often include the following items:
    • Establishment of secure development guidelines and standards
    • Integration of realistic and actionable security review processes into your existing SDLC
    • Institution of role-based security training programs for all staff involed in the development process
    • Establishment of a formal process for handling security incidents and vulnerabilities
    • Development of application security metrics to provide management oversight and operational improvement
    • A carefully planned rollout of commercial and/or open-source tools, such as vulnerability scanners, source code analyzers, or web application firewalls (or a plan to help your company better leverage existing tools).
  3. Implementation – AppSec Consulting will help you implement the application security program from start to finish. Implementation will often consist of multiple phases, allowing you to make high-priority improvements quickly while following a longer-term roadmap towards a robust application security posture.
  4. Reporting – AppSec Consulting believes that a solid application security program should lead to measurable improvements in your organization’s application security posture. AppSec Consulting will produce executive-level reports at agreed-upon time intervals (usually quarterly or bi-annually) to update management on the progress and effectiveness of the application security program.

What You Get

  1. A comprehensive application security program, with expert assistance throughout the implementation of this program.
  2. Long-term access to AppSec Consulting’s application security professionals whenever your in-house security team has questions or is in need of advice.
  3. Meaningful metrics and reporting that will allow management to monitor the effectiveness of your application security program.