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Compliance / Privacy

PCI Gap Analysis and Remediation

AppSec Consulting helps merchants and service providers in a wide variety of industry verticals evaluate their PCI compliance requirements and controls. We work closely with your team to define your payment environment and associated requirements for compliance. Our expert team of certified Qualified Security Assessors provides the strategic and tactical guidance that you need to make informed decisions and meet your security and compliance goals.

A customer-centric approach is in our DNA; we’re not in the business of making up requirements, and we work with you through every step of the process to make sure that our recommendations are appropriate, actionable, and aligned with your business priorities. This approach is why AppSec Consulting has become a trusted advisor to both Fortune 500 and small organizations seeking solutions to their complex compliance issues.

The AppSec Consulting Difference

  • We’ve been there. Our expert consultants have guided clients through the PCI DSS validation process before.  Our clients span all major industry verticals including financial services, retail, ecommerce, healthcare, software, utilities, hospitality and others.
  • We’re a service-oriented company, and we’ll treat you like a valued partner.  We’ll develop a program focused on identifying and validating the PCI DSS requirements that apply to your organization.  
  • We provide mentoring and leadership. AppSec Consulting will educate your team along the way. PCI stakeholders will learn the intent of requirements and how to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance. AppSec Consulting will introduce strategies and tactics for reducing scope and containing the cost of maintaining compliance.

Our Approach

  1. Scoping – AppSec Consulting’s PCI specialists will meet with key members of your business to gain an understanding of the cardholder data environment and explain security requirements necessary to comply with PCI DSS.
  2. Inventory – AppSec Consulting will identify the cardholder data environment scope; this may include in people, facilities, network devices and applications, and third parties.
  3. Evaluation of 3rd Party Service Providers – AppSec Consulting will identify all 3rd party relationships where PCI DSS is applicable and investigate their validation status and compliance implications to your organization.
  4. Evaluation of Security Controls – AppSec will evaluate all areas in scope for PCI DSS to determine compliance status.  AppSec Consulting will perform the following activities:
    • Determine if required controls are in place
    • Determine if required controls are documented
    • Determine if required controls are monitored and maintained
    • Enumerate all gaps (areas of non-compliance)
    • Provide actionable remediation advice
    • Prioritize required remediation activities
  5. Reporting – AppSec Consulting’s PCI DSS Gap Analysis Reports include actionable remediation activities and prioritized steps to achieve compliance.

What You Get

  1. A comprehensive PCI Gap Analysis Report, with expert advice throughout the document.
  2. Long-term access to AppSec Consulting’s PCI DSS professionals whenever your in-house security team has questions or is in need of advice.
  3. Practical,  prioritized recommendations that will allow management and stakeholders to monitor the current status of your PCI DSS compliance program