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Shine a light on shadow IT to improve organizational resilience

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Shadow IT is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today. According to Gartner, by 2020, a third of all cybersecurity attacks experienced by enterprises will be from their shadow IT resources.

This shadow IT infrastructure can be created, and added to, by any number of individuals and groups within an organization on all types of devices, from laptops to mobile phones, and is often done unwittingly by those with good intentions in an effort to improve their processes or efficiencies; they often don’t know the potential risks involved. Unfortunately, the rise of shadow IT is often a result of the perception that the IT department is slow, overly restrictive, or unresponsive.

The key to combatting the influx of unauthorized software and cloud services is helping to educate your stakeholders to the true cost of shadow IT. A BSI survey in conjunction with GovNewsDirect found that the threat of data security breaches is exacerbated by the rise of shadow IT that is often used without the authorization of IT managers.

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