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Cryptography for Developers: Adam Caudill to speak at CodeMash – Jan 9-12 2018

Monday, October 2, 2017

AppSec Consulting’s Adam Caudill will return to CodeMash, an event drawing more than 2,000 developers and IT professionals, to present “Crypto for Developers: Making Sane Choices” – a talk focused on helping developers understand the options they have available, and which choices they should make, when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

“How do you secure the data in your database? How do you store passwords? From AES to Salsa20, RSA to Curve25519 - this session provides an overview of what you need to know to secure your data. Focusing on practical uses cases over math and complexity, this will help you make the right choices and implement a system that is truly secure. Data security has never been more important, and for many cryptography is a black magic, a world of complex math and obscure terminology; this session aims to demystify that world and bring cryptography into the light. You’ll be able to understand what you need to do, to keep the hackers out.”