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Director of Training

San Jose, California

Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity that combines your business / management skills with technical application security knowledge?  Do you enjoy guiding developers on how to build their applications with world-class security?  Do you like the idea of growing a training practice, choosing who you would like to work with, and being rewarded for your success?

Our San Jose, California-based Information Security Services Firm has an immediate opening for a Director of Training to join our growing company.  This is a key leadership position that is focused on growing and maturing our training offerings, primarily in the area of application security but also including other in-demand security topics such as general employee security awareness and PCI compliance.  It involves teaching information security classes to our customers, developing and refining course content, supporting marketing efforts related to our security training practice, and building/managing a team as you expand the practice.

Primary Job Duties

  • Improve our current application security training materials and keep them up-to-date as new information security developments arise.  Assist and coordinate with others to improve and create training materials in other topic areas.  Currently our primary training materials include:
    • 2-day Secure Web Application Development in-person course, which includes hands-on exercises
    • Web-based version of Secure Web Application Development course
    • 2-day Web Application Security Testing in-person course, which includes hands-on exercises
    • PCI Overview in-person course
    • Reseller relationship with a partner company for additional online training courses
  • Provide direction as to which training topics we should expand into based on market and industry trends.
  • Create new course content in areas that we would like to expand into.
  • Work with our partner company to improve existing web-based course content and create new web-based content
  • Ensure that marketing materials related to our training offerings, including website content, proposal templates, datasheets, and instructor bios are kept up-to-date.
  • Look for ways to raise awareness of our training offerings and sell more training.  For example:
    • Submit Call for Training (CFT) proposals to development and/or security conferences.
    • Organize public training events.
    • Implement online advertising campaigns, webinars, and/or SEO initiatives focused on our training offerings.
  • Teach our courses at events and client locations.  Note that senior-level application security experts with significant teaching experience are available at our company to assist in the delivery of training classes. In-person courses are most often taught by 2 instructors.
  • Lead calls with potential clients as a subject matter expert on application security and our training offerings, and facilitate delivery of training offering proposals and sales.

Occasional Job Duties

  • Conducting application security assessments using black box techniques and/or source code review.  Note that although this is not a primary job responsibility for this position, occasional hands-on application security work will help you keep your skills sharp and help us when we have a large queue of application security assessment work.  This would not be more than one week per month.
  • Mentoring junior members of our application security team.  For example, reviewing and providing feedback on security assessment reports.

Work Location
AppSec Consulting is headquartered in San Jose, California, although this particular position is open to any candidate in the U.S. with the right set of skills. The position does not require relocating to California, provided that you are willing to travel.

Technical/Presentation Skills

  • At least five years of experience in the area of application security.
  • Experience in teaching application security related classes and creating training content and exercises.
  • Experience speaking at security conferences and events.

Soft Skills

  • Strong customer focus.  The goal should be to make customers happy enough that they ask for you and/or your employees to be sent back to do more work for them.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Desire to learn new things and be a participant in the application security community.
  • Desire to be an enthusiastic evangelist/ambassador as we grow our brand and market reach.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Enthusiastic, responsible, proactive, and dependable team player.
  • A strong understanding of business development is a plus; this is a new position, so there is a lot of opportunity for the right candidate to quickly build out a practice with AppSec Consulting’s resources and excellent reputation fully behind them.

Other Requirements

  • Must undergo criminal background check and drug testing.
  • Willingness to travel when necessary.
  • Flexibility to work odd hours at times.  For the most part this is a Monday-Friday 8:00 to 5:00 job, but sometimes customers require us to do certain work during weekends or off-hours.

Job Benefits

  • Competitive salary including performance incentives based on growing our training business.
  • Company sponsored medical and dental insurance.
  • Company sponsored training programs and career growth opportunities.
  • Company sponsored industry certifications necessary for your position.
  • Opportunity to work in a fun, collaborative atmosphere with some of the best information and application security experts in the industry.

If you think you’re the right person for this challenging and fun career opportunity, please send your resume to .