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AppSec – A BSI Professional Services Company

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Written By: Brian Bertacini April 03, 2019

I’m delighted to announce that AppSec Consulting has completed its strategic merger with BSI (British Standards Institute). BSI is best known as a global standards organization helping enterprises around the world establish best practices for Organizational Resilience. AppSec – A BSI Professional Services Company will serve as a Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (CSIR) in the US working closely with our peers in the UK and Europe. The AppSec team is very excited to be part of the BSI family and to have access to additional resources that will allow us to continue our growth and keep pace with increasing demands in the marketplace. Our team remains focused and will continue to provide the same world class service to our clients as we always have. The merger will also allow AppSec to expand its service offerings over time. Should you have any questions regarding this event please do not hesitate to reach out.           

Brian Bertacini

Brian Bertacini founded AppSec Consulting in 2005, since then the company has become a leading provider of IT security testing services, PCI assessment and validation, training and security technology integration for businesses of all sizes including starts-up and large global enterprise clients. Mr. Bertacini is a member of ISSA, ISACA, and OWASP. He has more than 20 years experience in software development, systems engineering and information security, fulfilling various roles at IBM, Varian and Fujitsu. Brian is the founding member of the Silicon Valley OWASP chapter and he oversees the management of AppSec Consulting to ensure the company's valued clients receive the highest quality of service.

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